Export Text file

How can I export a text file with my track data in Mocha AE 2019?

Hi there,

There is no direct way to do this in Mocha AE as you create and apply the data directly inside the Mocha AE Effects control panel.
You can save export data directly to disk in Mocha Pro, but not in the light version that ships with After Effects.

What particular approach are you after that requires it to be saved to disk?

I would like to utilize my plugin Mocha Import Plus. It requires a text file. The previous version of Mocha AE had this. Why was it removed?

Furthermore, now I cannot use RG Corner Pin, as that also requires a Text file.

The new Mocha Import Plus should be able to utilize the new Mocha AE workflow. Are you on the previous version of Mocha Import Plus?

Ah ok excellent. Thanks!