Export tracking data from trimmed footage to a null

Hi. when I export tracking data using the mocha pro plugin, and my footage is trimmed, the keyframes are pasted in a place that is out of reach. my workaround is to duplicate the trimmed footage, apply the keyframes to it, then copy them to the null. how should I export the keyframes in a way that’s proper?


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Are you on the latest version? I think this should be adjusted in 5.6.

thank you Mary. yes 5.6.0

I keep thinking there’s something I am doing wrong. I have been using Mocha pro for a while and I think also for trimmed footage and this didn’t happen to me before.

If you precomp it to that length and apply mocha in the precomp with the footage trimmed to the length of the cop that won’t happen to you. But it should be fine here if you paste from the first frame of the comp (not the footage).

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I tried precomping to the length. the result is the same. if I export to a null from a trimmed footage, the keyframes are not seen. I think this worked before.

here’s a recording:


BTW if I use export tracking data from mocha then it pastes fine if I paste it on the first frame of the null but if I use export in the mocha effect controls it does not ask me where to paste and it pastes somewhere that cannot be seen. this can’t be right.

Hi Roel,

This does appear to be a bug. It was fixed in mocha v5.2 but appears to have regressed in v5.6.
I’ll mark it to be fixed for the next release. Sorry for the pain.
The workaround would be to Export from the mocha GUI instead and paste to the timeline after closing. This should then paste from the playhead.

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hey Martin thanks. glad we got to the bottom of this. another workaround I use is duplicating the source footage, applying the export options to it, then copy paste to the null. then deleting the duplicated. yes too many steps but I just want to practice my mocha pro workflow.