Export Tracking Data, Shapes and Mattes in Apps

I currently use Combustion for my heavy compositing tasks, but, with my upgrade to the new Final Cut Studio 2, I’ll be using be using Motion 3 for comp owrk more and more. Apple claims 800,000 Final Cut Studio users.

Now that Motion 3 adds 3D and other great features, I was wondering if Imagineer Systems would consider adding Motion 3 to the list of applications that Mocha can export Tracking, Shapes and Matte data to?

I have finally upgraded tp Studio 2 and am very impressed with this release from Apple. I still use Combustion and have it on a good source that a new version 5 is forthcoming now that Toxik 2008 is released.

I love the workflow between Mocha and Combustion. This will be of great use going forward.

I ask again though. Is is possible that we can have added to Mocha a way to export tracking and roto data to Motion 3?