Export tracking data to... Resolve?


I know I’d better ask BMD about the import side of the workflow, but I think you know DaVinci Resolve, and maybe you have any suggestion to export specifically for it (even if I know I could take the Fusion way); thoughts ?


Well, right now the workflow with the plugin in Resolve is meant to apply shapes for you, otherwise you have to render mattes. We don’t have a direct spline import/export into resolve. We just have fusion shapes.
Does that answer your question?

Hey Mary,

Yep, it answered my question, and I appreciate, thank you… But I think I was not clear enough and I’m sorry about that. The reason why I’m writing this is your “the workflow with the plugin in Resolve” you wrote…

So I really don’t want to bother you but please let me have another last try to be sure :wink: , and ask just 2 more specific questions :

1/ I didn’t write about a plug-in in Resolve (not sure if I was clear enough, sorry) : I’m on Mocha Pro 4.1.2 and just want to export tracking data directly to Resolve, in order for Resolve to interpret it in its tracking module of the Color page. It looks like it’s not possible and asked if it maybe was, using another technique (didn’t try copy/paste for example);

2/ This leads me to point 2 : I have Genarts Sapphire OFx in Resolve, I think you’ve more connections with Boris of course, but inside GS suite is a “S Warp Corner Pin”… D’you think there is a way of importing Mocha’s tracking data inside it ? Is there another way and module to use to achieve that ?

Thx anyway, it’s really cool.