Export Video File in mp4!

Hey Guys, how can i export the Video file in mp4!


Mocha Pro should export MOV files but won’t export MP4.

You can find the export rendered shapes instructions here: Boris FX | Mocha® 2022 User Guide

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okay i can render the shape! But the File is Black/White not original in color? Why?

If you want to export the colour, you need to make sure to check that option in the “Export Rendered Shapes” dialog:

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its doesn’t work!

Hi, i didn’t know/don’t think Mocha exports the image of the clip you selected, just the matte colour,

Here i changed the matte colour to green, used ‘By matte color’ It shows it B/W in the render window & exported as Quicktime, the rendered mov file is green

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i need the original color from the Hand, not green or black/white etc!

Yes i know, that’s what i wrote at the top, I might be wrong but i don’t think Mocha does that,
btw, adding an ! at the end of a sentence is a forceful gesture, it’s one step away from shouting,

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that would be really stupid! It is logical that I only need the scene that I have tracked!

Please help me Mocha SUPPORT!!

Right, so what you need is the matted-out footage, not the matte colour.

We don’t export out the premultiplied matted footage. Normally you would be exporting out the matte separately (as matte clips or spline data) and then compositiong it with the source.

Can you describe exactly what you are doing with the output? that would help us understand the context.

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I would like to insert the separate video scene in final cut and add a different background!

Okay, so if you’re in FCP, just render out the black and white matte clip from Mocha and then import that to FCP.
You can then use it as an alpha matte.

Here’s a tutorial that explains it: How to Use Alpha Mattes in Final Cut Pro | FCPX Tutorial - YouTube

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hey thank you for the answer! can you please make my contributions free again?