Exported Mocha Shape data for trimmed footage

Mocha 4.0.2 Windows 7 Ae 13.8.1

Hi I just noticed something. when you trim your footage in Ae and place it in a composition, track in Mocha Ae, export the the shape data - it will paste correctly only when you paste it at the beginning of the original footage… not like mocha tracking data that will paste from where your CTI is. seems like this could be very confusing. like this post:


This is due to padding of the shape data to fit all roto shapes correctly. This was how all shape data was handled in V4. We have since altered the way this works in V5 so it is less confusing.

As you described in the Adobe forum, the best way to paste the shape data to trimmed footage is to double-click on the trimmed layer in the composition and paste to the Layer timeline instead. Then, when you go back to the composition it will be in the correct place.

In V5 you can paste shapes just like tracking data and have it appear in the right place for trimmed clips.

Thank you martinb. is there going to be v5 for Mocha Ae? or is this just a version that’s available for Mocha Pro/Mocha Pro plugin?

At present this is only available for the mocha Pro V5 versions.
Unfortunately, we cannot disclose what will or will not be available for After Effects in future releases.

I understand. thank you for your feedback