Exporting 8 BIT DPX Problem

Im working with a trail version of Mocha to see if I can use it for work. Im trying to export my test project as an 8 BIT DPX files but Im having some issues. I changed the Clip to 8 BIT during the project but when I to export the DPX files I can not access the options to export an 8BIT project. Please see pic for what I am seeing. Is this because it is a trial version or did I miss something?

Thank you for the quick response but It was not exporting at 8BIT it keeps exporting at 16 BIT. I open a new project and imported the DPX files as 8BIT DPX files. Then I exported it again and it was 8BIT so I will have to start a project like this every time. Just wanted to let you know for a possible fix needed in the program. When can we export to 10bit DPX files?

If the option is greyed out, it means it should render to 8-bit by default.

With clips we generally render out at the bit depth that was imported originally.

We don’t currently have an option to export specifically as 10-bit, just the native bit depth of the imported file.

I’ll investigate the 8-bit issue however.