Exporting as a QT file

I am new to Mocha but I got a really good tracking complete. The problem is when I export the tracking data for After Effects and then import the data into AE its all wrong. Is there anyway to export as a QT from Mocha. I seem to get the clip without the overlay or I can get an alpha. What I want is the clip with the tracking overlay jusrt as it appears. Is this possible?


Mocha only has the ability to render mattes and export tracking data, if you are wanting to finish a shot in our apps then monet may be of use.

I don’t quite understand why you are having trouble with importing tge tracking data have you seen these tutorials they may help

This is on creative cow:


This is another workflow tutorial


1 thing to remember you must set your mocha project up exactly the same as your AE comp. same frame rate, and pixel ratio

Hope this helps