Exporting common image files from Particle Illusion...?

I was wondering if anyone out there knows how to export image files from Particle Illusion latest version? Am using the free version of course. I noticed when I went to render there’s no such option. Only movie file format saving is allowed.

I don’t use motion graphics so this will be strictly for Photoshop. I know the old versions did, but I was running into many issues under Windows 10. The 2020 version is incredible not to mention is 64bit.

Anyways, I’ll appreciate any feedback. Not sure if this is doable in a paid version?

Thank you,
Fernando Cruz

Image file output is not possible in the current version. We’re hoping to add more output format options at some point, so details on the formats you are most interested in would be helpful.

Hello Alan,
Thank you so much for the kind and prompt reply. Well, I had in mind JPEG, PNG or perhaps even TIFF like the old version use to have. That would be great. I can mange at the moment by simply taking a screen shot.

Anyways, it would be nice to have saved images as oppose to what am doing currently.

Again, thank you and if you guys decide to implement more saving options into the program in the future, it would a tremendous help.

Kind Regards,
Fernando Cruz