Exporting Data from Mocha Pro to AE

Hi there,

Trying to do a stabilise. The initial track works well, Mocha renders a lovely version of the stabilised shot that looks great, but I can’t seem to get any usable data out of Mocha and into AE.

The exported data doesn’t have any anchor point information (regardless of whether “invert” is ticked), but I’m not convinced it would fix the problem even if the data was there, as the position doesn’t seem to correlate to anything that’s being tracked either.

Any suggestions? I’m working with largish files - a 3.2K exr sequence. Running Mocha 5.2.0


If you export “corner pin only” option, you will not get an anchor point. Did you try exporting the transform option?

Also, just to make sure, you are aware of Mocha’s “surface tool” and that this represents the track data that would export to AE.

Lastly - are you using the plug-in OR the standalone version?