Exporting FBX to Maya

Hi there, just wanted to ask if there is a standard or proper way to export the tracked camera from Mocha to Maya?

I have tried camera solving and then exporting the data as FBX and opening it in Maya.

I then place an image sequence of the video i tracked on the exported camera in Maya but it seems like the locators are usually too small or doesn’t line up with the video itself. Is there a way to ensure they do when i open it in Maya?

With the camera solver, you have to export the regular FBX, and then import into your 3D host. You have to set objects at the nulls or they won’t line up. However, because this is only a solver, the world scale can be off. You might need to either re-track using other areas to add accuracy, and make sure all those tracks are rock solid, or you might need to adjust scaling.

If all else fails, you can use the insert tool in Mocha to out various camera trackable textures on planes in the shot with no motion blur or camera blur and then use a 3D tracking program to try and get a more accurate camera solve.