Exporting feathered outline data from Mocha AE

I have created a tracked mask in Mocha AE that is feathered on one side and hard-edged on another. Revealing the layer matte shows the expected result. How do I get this feathered shape into AE? I don’t see the Export Data panel that is visible in the tutorial video. I’m assuming that is only available in Mocha Pro, but I don’t see that spelled out anywhere, including the product comparison chart. Is there a way to get that asymmetrically feathered shape out of Mocha AE where it was created?

Hi, there’s options in AE on the Mocha controls, Apply Matte or Create Track Data…
what do you want to do with your feathered mask?

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The problem at present is that AE’s way of doing feathering on native masks using the Mask Feather tool is incompatible with the way Mocha does feathering so your only option for per-point feather is to either “Apply Matte” or “View Matte” in the plugin.

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Ah, thanks. This is helpful. I am doing some subtle tracked color correction, so this should work.

Thank you for the explanation. It seems from the tutorial on Vimeo, that the method for using per-point feather when using Mocha Pro is different than in Mocha AE. Are the results the same and only the interface different, or will I achieve better custom-feathered masks and shapes in Mocha Pro?

The results are the same. In fact, if you’re using a tutorial from Vimeo, I would expect that tutorial to be quite old, as we only post recent content to youtube.

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Thanks, I didn’t see any other videos from the team about custom-feathered edges. Maybe time for an update?

One thing that is better in Mocha Pro is we also include automated motion blur to the masks, so you get a soft edge in the render of “Apply Mask”.

I’d recommend watching the Essentials series:

The new quick-start to Mocha doesn’t cover feathering, but is also a good guide to general techniques:

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