Exporting files from Title Studio

How does a user export a file from Title Studio, for example, to use on multiple systems or for client approvals?

I don’t see any way to do it, while Boris RED, for example, can do this.

Boris RED could either save the project or export a file of the effect in a limited number of ways.
In TS you can still save the effect (.blu) file and import it into other supported nle’s with BCC installed. I ussually create .blu effects in the standalone version of TS and can the import and use the effect in either of the two NLEs I use.
There is no exporting of a playable video file of the title from TS. However, if you have created a title in TS, just bring it onto your NLEs timeline and then export it as a file from there. You will have a much larger range of file formats and resolutions that way compared to what Boris RED could do.

Hello Douglas…its nice to hear from you again.

I am aware that you can bring the projects into AVID and then export them…just how is that done with alpha? We can’t step into the effect and export matte and fill like the exports from RED or Titler Pro.

And, is that a terrible workflow, or what? To have to go into an NLE to get a file out of a titling application.

Just make an export with alpha from TS that everyone can read and we are done.

thanks again for the reply, Douglas.

Hello Robert,
You are correct of course. I didn’t take into account exporting with an alpha channel. That is probably why RED had only 2 options, including alpha channel. I did ask Boris a few years ago, if there were any plans to include a similar export possibility in TS. However, at that time, I appeared to be the only one asking. Try putting in a request for it and see if something sticks!

Folowing your suggestion, a feature request has been made…lets see what happens.

Hi Guys,

Export with alpha from Title Studio is 100 percent on our roadmap and could indeed be added to the product fairly soon.


That sounds great,Peter
That addition will help sway people who are on the brink of getting the Title Studio Unit as well as being a very welcome addition to anyone already using TS.

Hey, add some ability to bring in Video files, along with export…

…and call it Boris Red 6!

On a serious note…why not Boris RED 6?

Mister, that program is an excellent DEDICATED titler (unlike After Effects) and can do a world of compositing, that no plug-in to an NLE can accomplish.

With the tight integration with AVID, for example, its simple to round trip back and forth into RED.

Now, add in the obvious upgrades like the excellent 3D capability of Title Studio…and you have a great product.

Go for it!!

I was in a similar mindset previously but have now realised that we should accept that RED 5 has been superceeded by Title Studio.
I believe that Boris will continue to add to TS, which is already a kind of RED on steroids. Better asking for new functions in TS than trying to hold on to the past by keeping a name!

OK…change the name…but that kind of program (quick dedicated titler with excellent compositing capability) is an excellent add on to AVID.

If export is added to TS, along with the ability to bring in video files in the standalone application…that’s about 90% of the way there…and would be, as you say, RED on steriods.

One feature request to add…

Boris RED allowed a font sample in the font dropdown list…“USE FONTS IN FONT MENU”…no such option in TS…

…this makes choosing a font much more time intensive and is a step back from Red (there I go again…)