Exporting/Importing Tracking data from Mocha Pro to After Effects

Quick question, I’ve exported tracking data out of Mocha Pro for one of our designers to use in After Effects. How does he go about importing that 2d/3d tracking information into AE? I haven’t used AE in years(we’re a Fusion/Nuke house) and all of the tutorials I see are really dated and don’t work with the current AE. He’s a designer and not a compositor and just needs to incorporate a simple track we did, any advice?

Hey Derek,

The basics of exporting tracking data to After Effects are explained in detail in the user guide:

But if you want specifics, let us know the exact situation:

  1. Are you creating this data elsewhere and then sending it to your designer via file or via another method?
  2. What version of after effects is the designer using?
  3. What version of Mocha are you using?
  4. What type of data are you exporting? You say 2d/3d… does that mean you are using the camera solver?