Exporting keyframes not working

Hi, everybody! I’m new to this forum and in desperate need of your help.
I’m trying to do a screen replacement on a smartphone screen with Mocha AE. Got greenscreen footage of a phone with some tracking marks on it (same as my comp 25 fps, 1920x1080) and tracking works perfectly.
Back to AE, hitting “create track data”, clicking the cog on the desired track (values in Mocha get filled in/updated), BUT then it doesn’t work as supposed: I choose “Corner Pin” (tried with and without motion blur), Layer export to [Screen replacement], but all I get is 4 keyframes at the beginning, but no tracking.
I’ve tried different resolutions (though my comp is 1920x1080, the screen ratio of the smartphone screen is 2:3, so I tried using that too) - doesn’t matter though, since absolutely no tracking data is being handed over to the layer. Only 1 keyframe for each corner point, that’s it. There are several keyframes in the Mocha layer, but when copy/pasting it, they don’t line up (both the grid and surface in the Mocha window are perfect).
This ain’t my first time using Mocha AE, worked fine in previous projects. I’ve been looking at tutorials and several forums and can’t find a suitable solution. Similar issues, but they always got resolved with a change in resolution or they forgot to click on the cog or something. That’s not the case here…

My deepest apologies, if I have overlooked something simple, but as of now I’m at my wit’s end, desperate and frankly very frustrated!!!

AE 17.5.1
Intel i7-8700K @3.7GHz
GeForce GTX 1070
Win 10 build 19041.685

Weird, is there any size or time discrepancy between the clip mocha is on and the clip you are putting the corner pin onto?

No, as mentioned they’re both same comp size and same fps with no time remapping or anything on neither of the layers. :frowning:

I get it, I just like to double check because often I will think something is the same size and if I double check it is not. If you like you can email me the file and I can take a look. It’s probably something minor somewhere in the comp.

Is it perhaps a linked AE comp from Premiere? Sometimes I see issues there where the data is offset oddly.

You can email me the comp and supporting files to maryp@borisfx.com


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I totally understand. It’s not a linked comp, it’s completely animated inside AE. Thanks for your offer, I’ll gladly forward the comp to you - will clean it up to only the necessary parts and will forward you a WeTransfer link, if that’s ok?

Sounds great. :slight_smile:

Mail’s away. Thanks again for your kind offer to have a look at it!

The insert is in a comp the size of the footage, but it’s not transformed to the size of the footage.

To get around this, you will either need to layer>transform>fit to comp>add corner pin…

OR Find the frame where the comp aligns and in Mocha on that frame, align the surface to the frame using the align surface tool, and applying that to the precomp.

This needs a bit of an update video wise, but illustrates the concept: https://borisfx.com/videos/align-surface-and-mismatched/

ALL of that being said, there’s something funny going on in this file. Even on a solid of the same size it isn’t posting correctly. And I can’t figure out why that is. I am going to do some more tests.

Thanks for your help Mary! I received your file and will look into it as soon as possible. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help - it worked! THANK YOU!!!

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Happy to help. :slight_smile: