Exporting Masks / Splines to Combustion

Q: About gmask export and combustion, when when I import into combustion, I see 2 masks (the gmask and the blur mask), usually, we need only one. Is there any reason to have 2 masks?
A: There is an option in Motor to displace the layer shape based on the motion, which generates an extra edge shape. This is why we export both. But if both curves are identical we should probably only export one. *
Q: The color is 128 instead of 255, that can be confusing*
A: We have changed the export to use 255.

Q: When importing gmasks, they are converted to bezier shapes but there are bspline in Combustion 4. Am I doing something wrong? Or is there something to do to have bsplines?
A: At the moment we only export Bezier splines, there is no b-spline option.