Exporting mattes

Hi There!

Can anybody help me? Working with Mocha Pro

I have been tracking (TRACK LAYER 1) an old CRT TV moving forward toward the camera

I have then created a new layer (TV MATTE) using X splines the CRT screen and linked to the TV track (TRACK LAYER)

I then inserted - insert clip - my movie into my (TV MATTE) layer

perfect the TV MATTE layer scales up as the CRT comes closer to the camera.

How do I export that TV MATTE layer? I have rendered the sequence however when I look at the TV MATTE layer only

it shows me the TV MATTE planer surface size and not the x spline layer only - which is what I require to send back to After Effects

to insert onto the original footage


does that make sense?





Hi there,

You’re probably not rendering the TV matte. Create the insert on the TV Matte layer and then in the insert tab choose “use layer mattes” and then hit render. This should solve your problem for you.


Please let me know if you have any questions and I will be happy to help.


thank you Mary yes you’re right I had not selected the TV matte to render, most appreciated