Exporting Mocha remove tool to AE


I apologize if this question has been answered, I’ve looked everywhere for an answer.

I am new to Mocha pro and I have used the remove tool and a clean plate to remove some blemishes from my footage. Everything worked great! But I now want to bring that new footage back into AE. Is the only way to do this by “Exporting Rendered Clip”?
If so, what is the proper settings for exporting the clip?
The footage is DSLR footage, so which compression setting should I use? (I tried h264 but lost alot of quality)


Sorry, missed this one. You van try uncompressed if you’re worried about image quality. But tiff sequences work too.

Just import a tiff sequence as footage and use interpret footage to get the proper frame rate and options.

Awesome it worked, thank you!

Thanks for the help…

Thank you for getting back to me!
So if I export Tiff then I would choose image sequence oppose to a quicktime movie?
I exported a tiff sequence but I am unsure of how to get that back into AE since they are all separate TIFF files as per frame.