Exporting Nuke shapes to mocha

Do we have an option of exporting Nuke Roto shapes into Mochapro?

I think @martinb might have written a python script for this but I have to check with him.

If you or martin could guide, Its really helpful!

Mocha Pro does not import shapes from Nuke. Currently the only shape format that Mocha Pro imports is Silhouette.

Theoretically, one could use this script to convert from NUKE to Silhouette, then save that project for Mocha Pro to import, but I don’t think many people have tried.

Thanks for the quick reply and I was just searching for a quick export option from Nuke - Mochapro and the method you have told regarding the Nuke-Silhouette-Mocha is the option that came into my mind, when I couldn’t find anything in internet

If you have Mocha Pro standalone, it might be possible to code this via the Python API as we have specialised importer functions, but we don’t have anything specific in Mocha yet that can do this.

So in short, currently there is no direct user friendly way to do this, sorry. :slight_smile: