Exporting Power Mesh from Plug-in to use in Silhouette Plug-in

I am just learning Mocha Pro and Silhouette. I have the bundled plug-in version of Mocha Pro 2022 9.0.1 and Silhouette 2021.5 for use with Adobe After Effects 2022. How do I export the Power Mesh track from the Mocha Pro plug-in to use in a Silhouette project? The tutorials talk about how to export regular Mocha tracks into AE, but I did not see references regarding how to properly export the Power Mesh…and/or how to then import that data into the Silhouette plug-in for use. I saw tutorial references regarding the use of the Silhouette standalone and the Mocha Pro plug-in inside of that framework, but I am totally stuck because I don’t have that version. Being a newbie, I would really appreciate some guidance here, lol.
Last but not least, would it be better to just upgrade to Silhouette standalone and use the Mocha Pro plug-in inside of there? Thanks : )

PowerMesh data doesn’t export to Silhouette yet, however, there is a workaround if you’re in a host or if you use the Silhouette Standalone.

In a host like AE or Nuke, etc: Use the unwarp stabilize in Mocha, nest or precompose that, or render it, paint in Silhouette, and then reapply the warp to that stabilized paint either nested, precomped, or rendered.

And you could also definitely run Mocha Pro inside Silhouette and render the unwarp via Mocha’s plugin interface and paint on it, and warp it back into place.

There are many ways to work around this problem.

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Thank you so much!

Hi Mary,

If I am using Mocha Pro power mesh in the Silhouette standalone to do stabilized paint work what is the best way to render it, and/or export the output (read: finished product) into a format that I can open and use in an Adobe After Effects project or access with the Silhouette plug-in so I can render in AE? If I try to open a Silhouette standalone project with the AE Silhouette plug-in it erases (places big red X’s over) the imported data saved from Mocha Pro and removes it all from the work. Afterwards, even if I do not save changes and try to re-open it in the standalone the Mocha Pro data remains “gone”. I would really appreciate your help. : )

Thank you - Ami