Exporting ProRes 16 bit with Transparency

I use Camtasia 2020. It can import ProRes 4444 videos with transparency rendered at 16 bits.
I cannot come up with any 4444 combination at export that works.
Worse yet, not one attempted export will load. Error Image attached.
Particle Illusion

Thanks for any help you can offer

Are you using Camtasia on a Mac? or Windows?
If PC, then it may not yet be supported.

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https://mediaarea.net/en/MediaInfo is a good tool to see the internals of a given video file. Might be informative to see what it displays for a working vs non-working file

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Thanks, I’m running Camtasia 2020. I’ve exported 4444 ProRes 16 bit from After Effects into Windows Camtasia 2020.
This is new to 2020 I believe.

Great point. I use Media Info, not great with it.
Heres a file I can import.

Heres a Particle Illusion file I cannot.

I see theres a codec ID of ap4x on the video that wont import.
The one that does is labeled ap4h
I wonder If I can get around that and solve it?

Thanks for the nudge in a direction.

I have used MediaInfo for ages, great handy little program. Love it!

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Thanks for the details – we’ll look into this.

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Thanks a Million {:>)

So is this going anywhere???

Perhaps the best solution for you is to use a free program like VLC to convert the exported file into something that Camtasia on a PC will read.

It looks like the video you exported from Particle Illusion uses ProRes 4444 XQ whereas the file that will import is ProRes 4444. Can you try selecting “ProRes 4444” in the Type field when rendering the clip and see if that works? Maybe Camtasia doesn’t support ProRes 4444 XQ.

I’ve tried every ProRes combo I can come up with.Theres something inherently wrong with Particular illusion.
No combo will import. H264 is the only option.
I can export ProRes using Media Encoder and it works. I find it discouraging. I’ve used Boris RED extensively in the past.It looks like support may not be what it used to be.

So, I can use Media Encoder and re-encode with transparency.
However, to be honest. This is a cumbersome step and shouldn’t be required.
Particle Illusion should be fixed.Obviously, something is amiss in the code.
Thanks for your help.
As I posted below. Boris FX has given me first class support over the years. I appreciate it.
I hope it extends to this bug.

So VLC wont convert to 16 bit transparent mov.
Does Boris FX care? Will they fix Particle Illusion or not?
Support was great when I was running Red 5 years ago.
If they won’t back the stand alone, I won’t be looking to hone my skills. That was my thought, If I come to like it over time. Purchasing is on the table. But not if the render engine is broke and won’t be fixed.