Exporting shape data to eyeon fusion

Can anyone tell me from wer i can get this script SHAKE ROTOSHAPE

I’m having trouble using a script posted on here last year which allows you to export shape data to fusion.

Here’s what I’m doing

Connecting polygon mask to source footage

Load the script on the polygon tool

Then select the shape file from the dialog box that pops up and bob’s your unkle. But no dice…

Would love some help on this one, as I would find this feature so usefulit’s not funny:D

ps here the thread link if your after the script


Hi there,
You have to have a version of mocha that exports to shake like mocha Pro, not mocha AE, in order to export a shake rotoshape.
The good news is that you can upgrade to mocha Pro from any previous version of our products!
Unless you’re looking for a shake script once you’ve exported the shape from mocha Pro into shake?
Let me know if you have any questions!