Exporting Shape - never aligns correctly

Hi, I’m having some big trouble and a fast deadline :eek: - big thanks if you can help me.

I’ve set up some shapes in Mocha - I was having trouble with video - so I tried TIFF sequence, pix ratio 1.0.

In AE, import the same tiff sequence, confirm 1.0, make sure play head is at beginning- paste, and the first shape frame aligns - everything after that wanders.

It looks great in Mocha - any suggestions?

Thank you!

Wow - that completely fixed my issue. I hadn’t expected this, as we purchased it … the day before your fix was posted! Despite 2 days of lost effort, it works perfectly now.


Make sure you’re using the latest version from our website. There was a bug in the previous version that meant shapes didn’t line up when a custom PAR was used.