Exporting shapes to Fusion

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there is one, and It’s working great. But a simple export all shapes into Fusion comp would be nice. There are a lot of additional steps req now

I have attached the script
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I tried the script and works great!

Seems it’s much the same work flow as Shake. With Shake, Combustion and Flame we also have to import the SSF files.

We will try to develop a Fusion comp export though.

Tx for the script.


just google nuke ssf import and spend like 30 seconds reading the posts.

Much thanks to Michael Morehouse !


I’m having trouble loading this script too…

From what I gathered…

You have to connect polygon mask to source footage

Load script on polygon tool

Then select the shape file from the dialog box that pops up and bob’s your unkle.

Would love some help on this one, as I would find this feature so usefulit’s not funny:D

I forgot to mention I’m using fusion not nuke…Not sure if that matters…I’ve done a lot of google action but can’t find but here…