Exporting Silhouette tracking info to Nuke

It is possible to make use of the trackers (especially the Mocha tracker) in the Silhouette plugin for Nuke and then export and apply that tracking data in Nuke?

Yes, select the layer you applied the tracking to, select Export in the tracking tab, and choose Nuke as the type.


Does that still create a Tracker3 node type in Nuke Marco? Tracker4 support would be handy.

It creates the point trackers in the older format and we do this for backward compatibility. Is there much of a benefit to the newer Tracker node?

Biggest difference I’m aware of is you cannot bake out 4 point trackers into cornerpins for example with the older tracker. Currently we always just convert the trackers exported from Silhouette ourselves to the newer format.
There was actually a bug on Silhouette7 which when you saved and imported 4 point track data from a Tracker3 node into Silhouette it would only bring in 1 point track so generally we stay away from the older format now.

I am able to import 4 trackers from a Nuke Tracker3 node in Silhouette 7.5 and later. This could have been addressed s a bug fix at some point. In any case, we will look into updating the Silhouette tracker export to the Tracker4 node.

In Silhouette 2020, tracker4 is supported!

@askmadlookz Silhouette can import Tracker4 nodes from Nuke, but doesn’t currently export to Nuke Tracker4 nodes–only Tracker3 nodes.

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my bad!