Exporting spline vertices from Mocha to AE

Is there a way to export spline vertices from Mocha to AE?

In the Mocha AE plugin you create native masks via the plugin interface under the “Create AE masks” button:

You can’t export it via the Mocha GUI in Mocha AE.

Thanks martinb - that seemed to work! Could you please advise on how to then extract x-y coordinates of the mask vertices? I was hoping to get coordinate values like the original planer screen (Top Left, Top Right, …). FWIW my spline/mask has 4 points.

If you use “Create track data” instead, you’ll get the exact coordinates in that section in the middle of the plugin interface. You’d just need to make sure the surface is in the same position as the spline.
Otherwise, you’ll need to use an AE expression to get the vertex position from the created nulls.

Thanks again martinb.
For those that are looking for the same solution, I did as martinb advised, and from there wrote a script to output the mask vertices into a CSV format. The operative line is:

var pathVerts = app.project.item(1).layer(“Shape Layer 1”).property(“Contents”).property(“Path 1”).property(“Path”).valueAtTime((i*thisComp.frameDuration), false).vertices;

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BTW if you use Mocha Pro, we have Python scripts that can automatically create a spline the same size as the surface and vice versa.