Exporting stabilization data taking ages

I?m using mocha pro 3.0.2 and I am finding some issues with exporting stabilization data to the clip board for AE.

General method:
I create my tracked mask in mocha and with that layer selected I go to the stabilize tab.
I Check X-translation, Y-translation, Rotation and Zoom.
I found #Frames set to 2, gives the best smoothing for the shot I?m working on.
Then in the borders tab to the right I check Centre and zoom.
When I click “export stabilized tracking data” and choose AE transform data from the list and click copy to clipboard, I get the “analyzing motion? (Esc to cancel)” message on the top right of the UI.
Then I have to wait?..

With some shots in the past I?ve been waiting hours for it and it still says “analyzing motion”.

My most recent shot (1080p ? 160 frames) took about 10 minutes to finish the export, after which, the data did paste into AE correctly.

I also tried copying to clipboard with the AE corner pin format and that is quicker but still takes a few minutes.

Is it normal for this export to take so long?

Thanks in advance

Thanks for your reply Mary

CPU i7 920 (4 cores ? 8 hyper threaded)
12GB system RAM
OS: Win 7 x64

Mocha pro 3.0.2 and AE CS5

Mocha and AE cache directory: Internal SATA drive with 150GB free space


Will give it a try.

Works flawlessly now!
No waiting for the export at all.

Many thanks.

No problem, sounded like something funny was going on there. Glad that fixed it!

Hi Graz,

No, that’s not normal. What version of mocha and what version of AE are you using? How much space do you have on your hard drive? How much space do you have in your AE caching folder? This sounds like a memory issue.


Hi Graz,

Can you try upgrading to 3.2.0 (free download for V3 users) and see if you have the same issue?