Exporting Stabilize Tracking Data to AE

Hi, I’ve watched several videos and have now been using Mocha for 18 months but still can’t figure this one thing out. The Mocha tracker is far superior to AE’s awful tracker. However, I can’t seem to generate the same points I need.

When I use the Stabilize Motion tracker in AE, tracking Position and Rotation (follows two points throughout a video), and Apply the Tracker, it gives me Anchor Point and Rotation keyframes (attached). How do I output these same parameter keyframes using the Mocha tracker? Do I need to then “apply it” or is that done automatically in Mocha?

Thank you.

Not a professional user, but isnt this done by using transform option in stead of corner pins apllied? Stabilizer tool in AE follows the same logic. Basic stabilize Is nothing more than an inversion of tracked movement in the scene to the layer itself. Correct me if wrong

You can export (copy/paste) transform, scale, rotation” only data out of Mocha AE or Mocha Pro. You can also use the “Apply Tracking” data button in AE effects panel.

You can invert the tracking data or you can also use the Mocha Pro stabilize module to either export stabilized track data OR render out of the stabilize module.

I suggest checking out some of these tutorials: