Exporting tif

i been looking for tutorial how to export my stabilized shot without using any third party programs , AE… , just wanna export tif from mocha pro , stabilized ready to drop on the editing timeline , but i wasn’t successful … please if you can link me to a tutorial or just show me the setting
thank you

thank you for the fast reply , another question please , im editing on premiere pro ntsc 29,97 , what is the best export for mocha , ( and should i exprot it 23,96 . 24 , 29,96 , 30 ) ?
thank you

In order to export a clip of the stabilised footage in Pro, you need to render it using the render buttons on the timeline. These are in the same position as the tracking buttons when you are in tracking mode.
You can then export the clip by choosing “Export rendered clip” from the file menu and choosing your rendered clip from the drop down.

I’m sure some purists would say otherwise, but 29.96 and 29.97 are essentially the same thing. Go with that.