Exporting tiff from Mocha Pro in Davinci Resolve

I am exporting clean plates from Mocha Pro in Resolve but I can only get 32 bit EXRs that come into Photoshop and Affinity Photo much more washed out than the original footage. Is there a way to choose a tiff export, like you get from AE when your project is 8 or 16 bit?
Additionally, any quick tips on converting the 32 bit EXR so it looks the same as the original footage?

BTW- the original footage was shot in a 8 bit 4:2:0 color space so I really don’t need the EXRs info.

Hi, what does it says in Preferences in Mocha

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Resolve generally uses a 32-bit color space, so we read and write in the files at the same depth.
If you want your images to look the same in Photoshop, you can use the proof settings here:

Great thanks!