Exporting to a Continuum effect from Mocha

When I am exporting tracking data from Mocha, there is an option for bcc 11 or older, but nothing for newer. What, if anything, should I select?

I understand that the BCC has in built Mocha trackers, can I import to them, rather than using the plugins interface?

My particular OFX workflow requires me to somehow import data to the plugin externally.

With the current version of Continuum, you can File>Export the project from the Mocha UI to the desktop, then File>Merge the project back into the Continuum filter from within the Mocha UI launched from the Continuum filter that you want to use. If you need more explicit instructions please feel free to ask and I’ll write them out for you.

I hope this helps!


Hi, thanks Peter, the issue I am facing is that I’m working in Natron and I can’t get the Mocha UI to launch from within individual effects, I can from the Mocha plugin directly however.

Hi Matt,

Unfortunately Natron is not currently a supported host for any of our products … perhaps something that we can support with a future version but not at the current time as it would require an unknown level of development effort on our part. Your best bet might be to do any of the Mocha work that you need in the standalone version, then render and export a clip directly out of Mocha, which can then be imported into Natron. If you need to use Continuum for your work, then your only avenue is to use Continuum in a supported compositing host, perhaps AE or Nuke, and then render out a clip for import into Natron. But by now you’ve probably figured all of that out for yourself. :slight_smile:



Thanks anyway Peter. Functionality for the plugins, on the whole, is pretty good in the app, but I just can’t launch mocha from within the matchmove or cornerpin studio plugins. I just wondered if there was something I was missing (or an easy fix).