Exporting with mattes

I’m a beginner in Mocha AE and After Effects , this is my first time using them , after dividing my video into different elements (sky , grass , trail etc …) , manually tracking and applying mattes on each element (which took me a lot of time) , I need to export it. First without the spline color since I have layers on top of other layer (did that to avoid non masked areas ) so as you can see the lines in the screenshot I want to get rid of them , and with an opacity of 1 (I know how to do this one ) , but I can’t find a way to output the video with mattes .

Save and exit Mocha AE. In the plug-in interface back in AE, you can choose to either “Apply the Matte” (which would retain any “edge-width feathering from Mocha” ) OR choose “Create AE Masks” which converts the Mocha shapes into native AE masks.

Hope this helps.

You can find a tutorial for the workflow Ross is talking about here: Boris FX | Quick Tip: Mocha AE 2019 Export Workflow for Adobe After Effects

all I can see is a white matte applied everywhere if all the layers are selected in “Visible layers” , the RGB colors chosen within mocha aren’t there and I can’t find a way to change it . and even if I select one visible layer per a time , I don’t seem to find any control to change its color .

You have the “view matte” button checked, so it’s showing you the black and white matte in AE. You’re not going to get the matte colors in unless you put them on solids of the colors you want them to be. Or unless you render the mattes out of Mocha Pro.

yes that’s what I’ve just figure out by creating solids and copy pasting the masks on them and changing the colors , worked like I wanted , thank you anyway .