Hey guys, I’m running into some export quality issues.
I’m playing with 4k Red footage and am rendering uncompressed quicktime from after effects and then bringing it into mocha pro. Once mocha does it’s amazing job I export a dpx image sequence. So far so good . . .
When I import the dpx sequence into after effects, cs5.5 says it doesn’t support mocha’s bit depth (Here’s the specific warning: This file is encoded at 8 bits. After Effects only supports 10 bit dpx files). No problem. So my next solution was to export uncompressed quicktime from mocha. However, when I overlay the new movie on top of the Red footage in After Effects the quality difference is striking.
My question is:
Is there another setting I can export from mocha so I don’t lose quality, or AS MUCH quality? Is there a better workflow?
Thank you!

In my experience, and due to the way images seem to be processed cross-programs, if you use 16 bit TIFFs you can keep a lot of image quality. Try that workaround and see if it works for you.