Exports for nuke

we’re interesting in switching from shake to nuke but we’re addicted to mocha. the main issue so far is that mocha does not export tracking data or rotos to nuke

are there any future plans for making nuke exports (tracking data and shape data) available inside the application?

thank you

There is an ssf Import Plugin for Nuke available on www.fxshare.com
At least this helps importing Shake Roto Data into Nuke. The Tracking Data still has to be solved somehow.

I’m not very happy about the fact that I have to take online classes like fxphd to get this kind of information. What is this forum for? There should be much better support and information coming along with the much expensive packages on stuff like this. It’s important. :mad:

No answer on that? It’s quite important I’d say. A lot of companies are starting with Nuke. It’s a great package and the logical next step from Shake. I’m missing Imagineers Products to be linked with Nuke as well. :frowning:

I’ve written a python script to translate the Shake tracking data export into Nuke, but its in its very early stages. Works right now with my test setup, but needs to be attempted by more people.

If you are using Nuke 5.0 (the first version to implement Python) then send me an email at michael@yawpitchroll.com and I’ll email you the (very) beta version for you to test out, with instructions as to how to get it working via the toolbar.

they are currently working on this feature, as well as several others expect to see something in the near future (no dates) but they are definitely doing this.

It’s not really hard to set it all up. It’s essentially supplying a tracking node with 4 points of data and possibly appending a corner pin node. It’s just migrating to that. Ontop of all this with the release of nuke v5 and python there are a few “interesting” additions that need to be worked around to work in both v4 and 5.

I’ve been told that these features are coming though.