EXR Export Quality Settings

I was doing a round-trip on some EXR sequences for removal workflow. I noticed that the incoming EXR files are about 12MB and the rendered files are just 5MB. They look generally close. But I was wondering if there are any settings to the EXR output to make sure what comes in also goes out?

Hi Jan,

Which version are you using and what are you outputting? Are you rendering and exporting as EXR or just picking up the EXR render results?

EXRs should export at the bitdepth they were created in. We made recent changes to EXR output in 2020.5.

Hi Martin,

Thanks. Should have included that information.

I’m using 2020.5. I’m loading an EXR sequence made in Mistika for the project. Then I’m running the remove module, and then rendering/exporting a new EXR sequence in Mocha Pro to take back to Mistika.

The size difference may just be due to using a different compression setting, as EXR sequences do have a lot of choices there. I tend to use PIZ or ZIP float.

Unfortunately there aren’t many tools that give you meta data on the EXR and how it is encoded. Media Info doesn’t read EXR meta data, and Photoshop just has rudimentary data on size. Are there any tools you know that help you figure out how an EXR was encoded?


Ok, I think this is potentially a bug related to the float conversion of high bit depth EXRs (which should be fixed in the upcoming maintenance release.
Do you know what bit depth the EXRs were?

The preset I used in Mistika is labled ‘EXR PIZ RGB half’. So it would be 16bit float with wavelet compression.