Extend frames?

Hey guys,

I’m just running the trial currently at work, testing this out on various bits.
However, something I’ve run into and cannot find out how to do this.
I’ve got a 2000 frame shot, initially I just used (imported) 500 frames (ex 1000-1500), however, if I want to extend the tracks how do I do this ?
I can’t see a way of adjusting this, and I’m not sure if I could even export the tracking shapes (in full ver), and then import them into a correctly set full length project.

I did spot this:

But I’ve no idea how you could edit the *.mocha file

You should just be able to fix this in the clip tab now. What version of mocha are you using?

Hi Mary,

Many thanks for posting.
I shall give it a whirl tomorrow, we have installed the latest version (v4.1) but just running in the trial mode for the moment until the license is paid off.

OK, perfect. You can change this in project settings. Just go to file>project settings, and adjust the length.

Hi Mary,

So a little bit of success, I’ve managed to get the prior frames loaded in now which is good but I can’t figure out how to offset all of the roto/tracking ?
(effectively the now start in the wrong place, so I’m trying to work out how to offset it).

You can do this in file>project settings, and add an offset. Or you can move keys manually in After Effects. Can you try that?


I’ll try that offset.
I’m just trying to give a demo to the boss, and thought really I should do the whole shot. I ended up importing and going from frame 1000-2000 but I should do 1-1000 on it now, meaning back tracking the previous tracks/roto.
If not, no problem, I’ll just remember for next time (load all frames!) heh.

Appreciate the speedy help.

Ah just worked it out !
After adding the frames, I just had to move all of the keyframes in the dope sheet +1000 frames.

It doesn’t work for me at all. For example, I have 300 frames clip, but in the begining I’ve inserted only 100-200 frames, so I have right now offset 100. After some time I’ve understood that I need more 50 frames before and after the current frames I already have, other words, I need to work with 50-250 frame of my clip. How to extand them and save my shapes and tracks I already made?

If I go to File → Project setting. There is only Length and offset parameters. If I set Legth(frame) parameter from 100 to 150 (to add 50 frames more to my current timeline) so it adds 50 frames to the project but it’s just 1 last frame duplicated for 50 times but not the clip, it’s not moving, just picture of the last frame initially imported range of the clip.

How to add the real extra frames from the clip?

I’ve tried to make it in Mocha v.5 and 2019.

Are you using the plugin or the standalone?

I’m using standalone. I could hadle that via this chain: increase the length in Project settings (if I will add the frames before current imported clip length you need also set the new offset). Then go to the clip tab and add again the same clip but with new range of frames I need. It seems like this “add” action with the same clip rewrite the previous clip, but it works I need for. I’ve just found that by myselft, it’s difficult to find any information about Mocha when you’re learning this app with difficult shot. Every single tutorial shows the clip like for children. Did I make that correct? Any way, thanks for the fast reply.

You might find our documentation more useful then, if you’re looking to deep dive into Mocha. Boris FX | Documentation

Most tutorials are, by necessity, for beginners.

ok, thank you so much. So did I make that actions right for extanding frames or there are other ways to make it?

The proper workflow would be relinking the footage and then adjusting the project settings.