Extending edges of mesh/alembic for Flame

Mac Flame 2022.3, Mocha 9.0.3. I’ve powermesh tracked a face in Mocha, exported alembic to flame, diffuse map, all locks up and tracks good.

Is there a way to extend the edges of the alembic? For instance in the tutorial video adding the scar to the man’s face, once the scar hits the edges of the alembic in flame, it hard cuts.

When I first played with powermesh at a studio with linux flame, last year, I swear I figured out a workaround where you tracked the mesh, and then you could pull the edges of the planar track outside the mesh, and the resulting alembic resulted in basically a flat plane extending from the border of the mesh. But I was just playing around and can’t be sure that’s what really happened.

Ultimately everything is working, but looking for a way to have some falloff from the alembic to better comp edges. I have a hack workaround in Flame, but it’s not ideal. I’ve also asked my Flame forums if there’s a solution purely in Flame. Thanks!

Currently, there is not simple way to do this. We have a logged feature request to add the ability to expand the mesh in Mocha. Until that is implemented, you would have to either edit the mesh in Mocha and pull out the vertices OR recreate the Mocha mesh and have the vertices go out beyond the mesh.

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Thanks for confirming!