Extending Sets

Hello, is there a way using Mocha Pro to extend a set from 16:9 Landscape footage that is placed in a portrait 9:16 sequence.

If you put the 16:9 footage into the 9:16 sequence you get black bars of empty space top and bottom and I need to extend the floor and the background/ceiling at the top.

The problem I encounter is if I apply the Mocha effect to the 16:9 footage, even though it’s inside a 9:16 sequence, Mocha opens up the 16:9 correctly without black bars top and bottom so I cannot seem to extend up or down.

I’d be grateful to know of any tutorials that would help me solve this problem.

Many thanks


Are you using the Mocha Pro plugin or standalone? If using the plugin, you could place your footage in a larger canvas size before applying the Mocha effect. If in AE (and some other hosts) you do need to precomp to fool Mocha into thinking the footage is the larger size. Hope this helps.

Thanks for replying, very much appreciated. I’m replacing with after effects comp from inside Premier, which opens a comp in AE that is the correct 9:16 format with the 16:9 video footage sat in the middle, but if I drop the Mocha Pro effect on the video it opens up without it being in that 9:16 frame anymore, if I pre-comp it and then drop the effect onto it, it still opens up the footage in its original full frame 16:9. Am I going about it the wrong way?! Here is an image showing what I would like to do, I’ve had to blur the image as I cannot share what it is exactly, but the red arrows indicate that I need to generate new floor and background.

Can you try bypassing the Premiere roundtrip and create the larger canvas, then precomp? Make sure the precomp is set to “move all attributes to new comp”.

Okay, tried that, doesn’t work, now I get a square inside Mocha Pro.

Ignore the fact that I have had to blur the product out again.

I just confirmed that it will work. To solve: after you create the precomp, place a Black Solid below your media layer. Then exit the precomp and apply the Mocha effect. This way you trick Mocha into seeing the larger canvas space.

To reiterate my steps:
I created a 16x9 size aspect AE comp and places my 1920x1080 media in it and made sure it fits on the width. Next, precomp the video layer. Step into the precomp and place a 16x9 black solid below the video layer. Step back out and apply Mocha effect. Hope this helps.

For anyone listening this similar large canvas technique can be useful if you waned to stabilize a shot in Mocha Pro’s stabilize module and then have more latitude to reposition back in AE.

Okay, thank you, will take look.