External monitoring with Blackmagic device?

I’m using an UltraStudio Mini Monitor by Blackmagic, which is seen just fine in Resolve. But I can’t get external monitoring from Title Studio (or PI), there is not even a switch for it shown in the upper right as described.
Is this feature not ready yet? The documentation says it’s only not working yet with AJA devices, but should with BM.

In Title Studio, under Preview menu, see if your monitor shows up as recognized.

In PI we do not yet support this feature but we will soon.

Thanks, it works in the standalone Title Studio.
So it doesn’t work when you are in the GUI started by Resolve?
What I observed until now: it doesn’t work in Resolve if the I/O is used by Resolve too, even if I have “Release video I/O hardware when not in focus” activated. Only if I do not use the I/O device in Resolve (set to “None”) I can use it in Title Studio or in the FX Browser.
Unfortunately, this is not a solution since you always need to restart Resolve to switch it on and off.

Yes, unfortunately in Resolve it does require disabling the host’s use of the external monitor, and since Resolve requires a restart to toggle that flag it makes this feature difficult to use in Resolve at this time.

I found that in Avid you have to disable the external monitor as well to make it work… once disabled it’s working very well.