Extra 2500 presets not showing up

I have just installed Continuum Complete 2022.5 (NOT the stand alone version).

When I launch “FX BROWSER” from AE - I only see the default presets. Why?
(Oddly when I press “LAUNCH PARTICLE ILLUSION” from AE (the standalone version) all presets are shown).

I am on windows 10 pro - all updated.

Please help.

Regrds Jonas

FX Browser shows a different set of presets. Best to launch PI.

But i don’t want to run the standalone version - I want to use it integrated in After Effects. How do I get the presets to show up in there?

Click the “Launch PI” button to open Particle Illusion from the host – this is where you’ll do everything anyways.

I’m new to this. It just seems odd that just after you install the 2500 presets - you can’t see the presets under the tab “FX BROWSER” which shows presets?? I guess I just need to spend more time with this and learn the nature of PI - it seems much cooler than Particular - which they have killed in the latest years.

Hi, why not think of PI as the Browser, you’re still opening another window, except in this one you can manipulate & control of the presets :wink:

PS, you can save presets to the FX Browser, I have a few saved in there, but pretty much always end up opening PI anyway

Cool thanks! A different way of doing thing - but it might be for the better. Will look into it all :slight_smile: