Extreme render time with Chroma Key Studio

The last couple of times I have rendered clips with Chroma Key Studio activated it has increased the render time about 10x compared with Vegas Pro:s own Chroma key filter. The clip is about 2 hrs in length and takes with Chroma Key Studio abour 9,5 hrs to complete. Without it, it takes about one hr. I have also noted that cpu and gpu utilization goes way down when Chroma Key Studio is activated, about 25% on cpu and 6-7% on gpu. Utilization without is on cpu: 95-100%, gpu over 50%.

Should using this filter add so much in render time as it does for me? Or is something wrong here?

My setup:
Ryzen 3700x
Ram: 32 GB @3200Mhz
Graphics card: AMD RX 590 8 GB
All drives: Nvme SSD:s

Windows 10 v. 2004
Vegas 17 pro v. 321
All drivers are up to date

Hi Robert,

Have you tried using the BCC Primatte Studio instead of the BCC Chroma Key Studio? I’m curious to know if this helps reduce the long render times. Primatte Studio is also a much stronger keyer than Chroma key Studio. Also, are you using many of the optional effects in the Chroma Key Studio filter or just a straight key?



Thanks for your reply.
Activated options in Chroma Key Studio:
Chroma key on
Matte choker on
Color correction on

I will try BCC Primatte Studio and see if it will improve render times.

I set up a test scene with a clip length of 3.23 and a background image.

Vegas Chroma key: 53s
BCC Chroma key studio: 5m.40s
BCC Primatte studio: 3m.47s

Hi Robert,

Thanks for running these tests and sharing the results.

I’m thinking that the Vegas Chroma Key might be running on the GPU, which is going to make a big difference in the render performance. Both BCC Chroma Key Studio and BCC Primatte Studio are CPU bound, which is going to result in reduced performance when compared to a full GPU pipe. Also, please take into consideration the fact that a 3rd party plug-in must go through a different render pipe than a filter that is included as part of the host application and this will also affect performance.

Aas we can see from the performance figures that you posted, you’ll save many render pipe hours if you move over to using BCC Primatte Studio instead of the older BCC Chroma Key Studio. Plus it’s a far better keyer. We’re always trying to streamline performance of our filters and hopefully we’ll improve the performance of BCC Primatte Studio in the Fall release.