Eyelid Repair


I am trying to do a little clean up of a practical effect applied to an eyelid. I have been using Mocha Pro and Silhouette for a couple of months, with good results, but I’m still pretty new. I was wondering if anyone had some recommendations on a best approach to the repair work. A latex prosthetic piece was applied over an actors eyelid, and later in the scene he cuts the “eyelid” off. Prior to that moment he delivers a couple of lines and in those shots you can see the practical effect was not applied well. I was going to try to some patch work to start with, but I would appreciate any pointers on workflow and or approaches to the repair.

Thank you in advance! Cheers - A.

I’d definitely try a patch first. And then blend anything with feathering and the blemish brush before you really turn towards a full paint solution. But you still might have to get really in there with rotopaint. Sounds complex because the talent is cutting it off.

It will be complex. It think the patches will work for the eyelid itself, but I am getting the eyelashes looking natural. Thank good the actor is very still, but he has a lot of subtle eye shake…and yes, the cutting of the eyelid will be a big challenge.

To me, it sounds like you’re tackling it the right way.

You may be way beyond this video, but it addresses making a person look younger, particularly around the eyes: https://vimeo.com/170925910