Fading objects

Hi, I just purchased Mocha Pro and I was able to “remove” an object from a scene but is it possible to remove the object initially but then to fade it back in? If someone can provide a link to a tutorial and outline the steps would be greatly appreciated. I’m working in Premiere Pro but After Effects is available as well.


We do not have a tutorial for that yet, however, you can either drop the original plate over the top of the remove and animate an opacity change in your editing or vfx software, or you can rotoscope the object and drop it back over the top of the remove and animate the opacity again. It depends on if you need things to move around the object or if you just need it to fade in and out. If you need something to move “around” the object, rotoscope it, if not, don’t.

Ok, i was thinking along those lines after a bit a research but thank you for confirming so I’m not going down the rabbit hole too far!