Failed to find point in Bezier spline

System Mac Pro 5,1 - 12 core - 48GB Ram
Adobe CC
Using Mocha AE

MY Problem:
Rear view of someone walking up street, cam following. Need to replace background.
Created 5 areas of Tracking Info.
Created Mask and linked to one tracking area.
Selected several points on mask
Adjust Edge Width to 5 points
Hit <SET> or <+>
Get following Error: ”Failed to find point in Bezier spline”
Reboot Mac Pro/Apps - all usual stuff - to no avail.
Download trial version of Mocha Pro - Open project above. Edge Width works perfectly.
Is this a bug or is Mocha AE hobbled in some way apart from stated limitations.

Hi John,

This is a bug in the bundled Adobe version. They are on an earlier version to the current mocha Plus and mocha Pro apps, which is why you’re seeing it there and not in the mocha Pro trial (the release cycles are not the same).

Presently the workaround is to use the manual edge controls, either using the inner and outer edge selection tools, or pressing Alt to toggle into Auto mode to pull apart the inner and out feather edges.

Btw, we would never consciously put errors in to cripple the light version, that would be cruel. :slight_smile:

Hi guys, I’m using AE Version 4.0.3 build 13094 Build Date Feb 11 2017 , and if I create a shape with the bezier layer tool I’m still getting the “failed to find point in bezier spline” when adding edge properties… I am wondering if is this still a bug?