Failed to Obtain GL 2.1 functions

Mocha AE was working fine on After Effects CC 2018. I’ve just upgraded to 2019 and now I’m getting this error and no tracking is possible. The plugin just freezes. Any ideas?

Can you show us the error? There’s nothing attached or linked to in this post. I need more information to diagnose your issue.


Hi Mary,

I rebooted and it appears to be working now. Basically every time I made a selection and then pressed the track buttons it would freeze for a minute and then return “Failed to Obtain GL 2.1 functions”.

In other news, please do expedite the “Saved/Last Used Folder” feature for Clean Plates that Martin and I discussed in my previous post. Because I’m using Mocha to clean up video containing flash photography, I’m often having to generate 20+ Clean Plates (before flash, during flash, after flash, etc.), and it keeps defaulting to the Mocha folder instead of the place I last saved. I love Mocha, and a small feature like this would save me half of my workflow.

Keep up the great work, this software is incredible.

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Sounds like it was related to GPU tracking and the reboot cleared the issue.

Getting same error
Failed to Obtain GL 2.1 functions
Pls help

Try turning GPU tracking off in Mocha Preferences and restarting, and let me know if that fixes the issue for you.

Please let me know if you have any more questions and I will be happy to help you.

Please how do i turn it off
Thanks for ur time

Open Mocha, and go to File> Preferences, in the GPU tab, check the checkbox to disable the GPU. Then restart your host software.