Failed to verify license. FLEXlm Error Code: -9 Invalid hostid

hi friends i am also having the same problems while doing to do so… i am new here and a science student kindly help me :slight_smile: thnx

Hi product,

Can you please email me the licence file that came with your licence email: martinb [at] imagineersystems(dot)com.

I can’t find that host id on our system, so the licence must be using something different to 0023dffdc994.

Please make sure you dont have a space before or after your host ID number when you input it.

If you are still having problems, please contact our support directly:

After I get this error code, It says the correct host id is 0023dffdc994…

So i checked the host id that is displayed in the license window. And it said 0023dffdc994

what am I missing here?

Please share more information the product & version that you are trying to license/activate, or better yet: log your support question here: