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Q: When using interlaced footage I paste my shape data and the shape is out of sync, even though I have checked all of the Common Problems
This is due to After Effects interpreting interlaced footage on the timeline as full-field, and mocha interpreting in separate fields. Therefore when the shape data is pasted from mocha to After Effects, mocha has twice as much information to put into the timeline.
The recommended work flow for rotoscoping interlaced video footage (without pulldown) in mocha and sending to mocha shape is as follows:
Using 29.97 source footage*
In mocha:

  1. Import footage. Set the frame rate to 59.94 and the project setting to Separate Fields (NTSC*).
  2. Do your track/roto work
  3. Export your shape data

In After Effects:

  1. Interpret AE footage as interlaced, lower field first*
  2. Set up AE comp NTSC, 59.94 fps and drag the clip to comp > this emulates the double length comp we like we do in mocha: every field is now on a progressive frame
  3. Select desired layer and paste mocha shape data
  4. Finish your composite, then drag that comp to a NTSC 29.97 comp to render
  • For PAL use 25i, 50p, and upper field first
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    Hi could you please go through the quoted process with pal please? I know you have briefly at the bottom but I have gone through this process to the letter but using pal footage “25i, 50p, and upper field first” etc but the track is out of sync?
    In After Effects I bring in the footage which is 25 frames upper field which I have set to in After Effects interpret footage then set up a 50 frame comp same aspect ratio and drag the footage in that comp.
    In Mocha (2.2.0 CS5) I import the footage in as 50 frame upper field CS4 anamorphic. When I line up the timeline in Mocha where I want to start tracking if I line it up in After Effect it doesn’t park on the same frame?
    The footage is 7min 46sec {I’m only tracking a small portion), the 50 frame After Effects comp says 7mins 46sec but in Mocha it’s only 3mins 53sec I’ve tried everything I checked frame offset but ended up de-interlacing the footage in the end.
    Can you help? Please can you go through the exact process for working with Pal interlaced footage with Mocha 2.2.0 CS5.