Fast Film Glow and Particle Illusion 3D above video layer

I struggle in MediaComposer with the following:
Video is on layer 1, Particle Illusion 3D is on layer 2. I want Fast Film Glow on the Particle Illusion layer only to be affected but can not get it to work the way I want.
I stack Fast Film Glom on layer 2 but it affects also the Video on layer 1 any way I tweak it.
What am I missing here? How can I achieve Fast Film Glow to only affect the Particle Illusion 3D layer?

Lars M

Hi Lars,

Is there a reason why you might want to use the Fast Film Glow filter over the integrated Glow feature in Particle Illusion? The integrated Glow feature includes the option to apply the glow to just the particles or to the entire composite, which is exactly what you’re trying to do.


And the workflow to achieve that would be …

(1) video on layer 1
(2) particle illusion on layer 2
(3) in the particle illusion controls, in the composite group, set the composite style to Alpha + Apply Modes
(4) set the apply mode to Normal
(5) in the particle illusion controls, set the Glow group to Apply Glow to Particles Only
(6) adjust the glow look/feel as desired

Hi Peter,
Thank you!
I was not aware of Glow option in Particle Illution.
So nice to get help, thanks again!


Sorry Peter!
It is with Particle EMITTER 3D and Fast Film Glow I meant. My bad.
Then it is a different approach?

Hey lars,

Not a problem - to achieve that result …

(1) video on layer 1
(2) particle emitter 3d on layer 2
(3) alt+drag fast film glow to layer 2 to combine the 2 filter effects in a stack
(4) in the particle emitter 3d filter controls, set the background to none
(5) tweak the glow filter to achieve the level and style of glow that you are looking for


You are the best!
Thank you :smile:


Glad I could help!