Fastest/most efficient way to remove


Have a look first:


I’ve tried the remove module on some footage but it seems a bit off-set no matter what. Looked for tutorials but couldn’t find anything particular to this. Hope someone could guide me on what would be the best way to remove it.

Hi there,

I am having trouble seeing what the problem is with these removes? Do they look weird in motion, because as stills they look pretty good to me.

What you might try is removing more than you need and doing finer roto for her arm bumps and compositing the original plate back over the remove, if that’s where the issue is.

Can you be more specific on the error you are getting?


Hey, thanks for responding

So, when in motion the remove module doesn’t really work properly (artefacts) because:

  • the area is indeed more than the green because I need to include the shadows around (say, she’s leaning on a wall), so I’ve had to enlargen the path in order to remove hand + shadow

  • when I’m removing the selected path/clip, I want to have it a bit feathered, I tried Dissolve but it looks pixely wierd feather. So I’ve tried of cheating a bit and tracking the shoulder, put it on top (as layer), then track the removable area which would be bigger than the actual green, and lastly track the backround substracting both tracked layers. Didn’t worked.


So I’m thinking that it may be a different approach that I can’t see it… It could be done but I would have to roto very carefully every single individual frame which will take a while.

Also do you reckon it would be smarter to use multiple photoshopped clean plates or leave mocha finding the background from the footage (it is seen at the beginning)