Faulty keyframe data added to layer when using 'apply export' with corner pin tracking

I have got a perfect, clean track of my footage within Mocha Pro. When I save and go back to After Effects, and ‘apply export’ with the corner pin tracking data, the keyframes that are copy and pasted to the layer are completely incoherent, it doesn’t resemble any of the correct tracking motion. They start before the beginning point of the layer, and the length is far shorter than what it should be.

The frame rate in Mocha Pro is the same as in After Effects, and I’m sure I’m using the correct track data. So I’m completely stuck why its not working.

I have only a few days left to hand in this film and I’m really stressed about it, please help!

Hi @bh263224

Can you show me a screen grab of the data in Mocha and a screen grab of your workspace in After Effects?

What version of After Effects are you using? What version of Mocha Pro are you using?

I have a subscription to Adobe After Effects and I am running 2020 v17.5.1 and Mocha Pro 2021 8.0.1 for Adobe.

Here are the screen grabs you asked for:

AE workspace.pngMocha Pro.png

Hi Helen,

Are you responding to this thread or the other one you posted?

this is the thread I posted

Do the answers in the thread above help you?

Hello, I ended up using the slightly less accurate corner pin tracking within After Effects instead due to time constraints

Hey Martin,

I’d like to reopen this topic as I am revisiting the film to make a final polished draft.

I’m working with:

Version 7.5.0 of Mocha AE plugin
Version 17.6.0 (Build 46) of After Effects

Here is a video that demonstrates whats going on in my workspace:

[https://drive.google.com/file/d/1LTjr1mYXnwh2NbyXO6WkajUjS2PIvDY5/view?usp=sharing](https://Mocha AE tracking problem)

I think you are running into an issue where you need to use align surface instead of a corner pin, your object you are trying to pin is already placed, and needs to probably be precomped as well.

Please see this video: Boris FX | Align Surface and Mismatched Resolutions

The Mocha data export is not the same because it is an older video, but the concept is the same for insert sizes.


I watched the video but I don’t get how its relevant to my problem.

The video is talking about problems where the shape of the track is incorrect, whereas my problem is that the keyframes and where they paste is wrong.

Whats weird is that I have used the exact same Corner Pin tracking process for the beginning of my film where I’m trying to do the same effect.

Where I create a Mondrian type coloured blocks in the green screen window, with each colour being a Solid Layer that I apply Corner Pin tracking data to.

See the video where Corner Pin tracking works here:


No, that video should be talking about where a track is pasting incorrectly because the resolution of the object that is trying to be corner pinned is not the same size as the plate, and how to work around that by either transforming the object to be the size of the plate OR using the align surface tool and precomping for a placed object that’s not the right size.

If you’re pasting in a corner pin for a solid, which it looks like you are, just make sure the solid is the same size as your tracked plate and doesn’t have any other corner pins or transforms on it. That should fix the issue.


Ok thanks for clarifying. But as I say I’m not having an issue with the shape and size of the track because of resolution mismatches, its about WHERE its pasting the keyframes in the timeline, which the video doesn’t cover.

If you look at the link in the last comment, I just generated a normal solid the same size as the composition and applied Corner Pin tracking to that, and it was fine.

Why would it randomly not work for this other composition where I’m trying to do the exact same thing? That’s what I’m confused about.

Can I do a screenshare with someone from Boris FX so they can look at my workspace in realtime and get to the bottom of it?

OK, I see. Sure, I can take a look at the shot. Email me at maryp at borisfx.com with the best number to reach you at.